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Kentucky :: 859.491.8888

Ohio :: 513.751.8900


  • 1 Females g-String Show $175.00 1 Hour
  • 1 Female Topless Show $200.00 1 Hour
  • 1 Female Birthday Suit Show $225.00 1 Hour
  • 2 Females Birthday Suit Girl Girl Show $400.00 1 Hour

Call – 513-751-8900 and ask us for more 3 and 4 Hours/Girls specials!


  • 1 Male g-String Show $225.00  1 Hour

Beltara, Oxford, Middletown, or more than 40 mins Drive from Downtown Cincinnati Travel fee: Add $25 per Entertainer.

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We Service The Entire Cincinnati Tri-State Area! OH, KY, IN. Anywhere within 1 hour drive from Downtown Cincinnati.

Forget the strip club!

Have the strip club come to you! Cincinnati has no strip clubs anyways – why drive an hour to Dayton or Lexington? Even if Cincinnati had a strip club, why would you waste your time and money? CincySeductions offers Strippers at your location, for all occasions. You get to drink your own beer and make your guest chip in on the Strippers. You don’t have to drive or risk a DUI. Turn your House, Hotel, Party Hall or Limo Bus into the hottest spot in Cincinnati!

If you do the math it only makes sense to order a stripper. A lap dance at a club cost an average of $40 for a 1 song lap dance, plus you have you pay to get in and pay $5 for a beer! If you want to give the bachelor a 30-minute private dance – wow that can be hundreds.

Cincinnati Hottest Strippers To Your Door | Call Now to your door in 30 minutes | Last minute No problem!

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