What makes CincySeductions any different from the other websites offering strippers in the Cincinnati Ohio Area?

That’s simple:

  • We are not just a website
  • We Use Real Pictures
  • We are local
  • We get you a High-Quality Entertainer that will show up and be on time.
  • We have been in business for the last 17 years, proudly serving our customers.
  • We only Service The Greater Cincinnati Tri-state Area OH, KY and IN.
  • Anywhere within 1 hour drive from Downtown Cincinnati.

They will provide you memorable Adult entertainment and a night to remember.

Consumer Alert!!!

Stripper Websites in Cincinnati

A lot of National Stripping Companies have popped up recently because of the Internet,

Claiming to be the best largest and local stripper company.

It is easy to have a nice looking websites made with { FAKE PICS } and  { False claims }!

But CincySeductions can back it up!

Beware of Companies with 800/877#’s & Companies!

These companies are not Local and most of the time (Never show up) and keep your deposit!

A lot of national companies just starting advertising for the Cincinnati Ohio area.

Also, most of the National Companies We see close at 10 pm.
If there is a problem or complaint they don’t care they are closed.
Nothing is worse than booking with a company that is closed when you’re trying to call.
From experience, I can tell you most parties are between
9pm & 12am
So when the problems & complaints start to roll in on these national companies they are closed.
They have no dancers in Cincinnati!
They are just going to run your card then shop
around and try to give the show to us.
ALL the pictures on the websites are FAKE and NOT real dancers available for your party in Cincinnati.

This is another example of another Fly-by-the-Night trying to use FRAUD to get your business.

They have NO dancers in Cincinnati.

They take your booking, then call Our company or another Cincinnati based company trying to cover the booking.

This is a Shady way of doing business and you as the customer get jerked around in the end.

You have NO guarantee that ANY dancer will show up on your important and planned party night.
I like when they tell you to pick out at least 6-7 Entertainers so you can get the one.

Another way to make sure the company is local is to just use the Phone Book and stay away from searching the Internet.
We are in the Cincinnati Bell Yellow pages under “Entertainers Adult”, The name of the ad is Party Girls/Diamond Dolls.

Also if you ask around to your friends and family

most people in the tri-state have heard of Cincy Seductions.

That’s because we do 80% of all parties in the tri state

& have done over 100,00 parties over the last 17 years.

Never do business with a service nobody’s ever heard of

or has a website that is less than a year old.

I can’t even tell you how many Shows We have saved last minute, because some

Company 1000’s of miles away never showed up!


One more warning before we leave you to your thoughts.

If you book a show with a different company and you get an ugly entertainer please do not pay them. If you don’t pay they don’t stay! Call us and we will send you a hot entertainer within 30 minutes to save your show.

If the company sold you a hot stripper then turns around and sends you the opposite; why should you pay?

Questions and Answers

Q: What size party can I have?
A: Our services are for parties of any size! We provide entertainment for singles, couples or large parties.

Q: How do I pay for the entertainment?
A: Payment is expected in full in cash only.

Q: Do I have to put down a deposit?
A: No, we do not require a deposit.

Q: Can I book a show online?
A: No. Because we want to set up and confirm everything immediately, as opposed to going back and fourth via email. We also like to talk to you about
your exact tastes and preferences to ensure you receive your strippers.

Q: Do I need to provide the strippers with anything at their arrival?
A: Our strippers bring everything needed to put on an awesome show! The only things you must provide is a place for the strippers to dance and the
music you and your guests want to hear during the show.

Q: How far in advance should I book my strippers?
A: The further in advance you book, the better. Booking in advance gives you a better chance of being able to get your first choice of strippers.

Q: Where can I have my party?
A: You can have your event anywhere in the Cincinnati tri-state area , ( Anywhere within a hours drive from Downtown Cincinnati )! Popular choices are
hotels, bars, nightclubs, limos/party buses.

Q: Do I have to tip the strippers?
A: It is customary to tip a good service. Please make sure that your guests have plenty of small bills to tip with throughout the show.

Q: How do I set Up a appointment?
A: Call 513-575-6895 anytime – We are open 24 Hours!

Helpful Party Tips!

  • Allow a 30 min window for the dancers to arrive. Sometimes, the entertainers run a little late but will always show up.
  • We will let you know if there is a problem.
  • Please choose a backup dancer from the website just in case the dancer you choose can’t make it.
  • Respect your entertainer
  • Follow their rules!
  • No name calling!
  • No touching!
  • No cameras! If you want to take a picture make sure you ask the entertainer. Before or after the show.
  • Make room for your dancer. Make sure you choose a good location so your dancer has room to dance.
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